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Draw positive influences like money, love and luck lodestone spells, altar spells and moving lodestone spells lodestone medium spell ideas wash a medium lodestone with whiskey or another hard liquor like vodka or rum and give it a nameress it with a condition oil. Lodestone will attract love, loyalty, and commitment. It will dispel your fears and anxieties in loving, and it will show you how to be more tenacious and enduring! This stone can attract power, love, and good fortune. Lodestone will also protect your love against infidelity!

Lodestone Love Spell. Spell Kits. Scroll down to read tips & love spells. Tips: Magical co-ordinates for Love Spells: Usually Red or pink, but other colors may be more appropriate, depending on the situation. If it is a love spell done for healing old hurts, then Blue or White may be more appropriate. Lodestone - Pair - Male/Female. from 4.00. Lodestones Magnetite are used for attracting love, prosperity or whatever else is desired. You can watch Madame Pamita’s Lodestone Love Spell and Lodestone Attraction Spell videos on her How To Videos page for guidance on how to work with lodestones. Back to Top. About. Testimonials. Contact.

This spell works off of this concept. First get your hands on a lodestone a naturally occurring magnet. Wash it in whiskey to baptize it and then give it a name. Talk to it and tell it that it is going to work tirelessly to draw money into your life. Dress this lodestone with some Attraction Oil - so that it will draw money to your life. This is a spell that will attract the love you need to your life. To perform it, you will need to do some serious soul searching, and have a long conversation with yourself. The reason is that magick is essentially a neutral force. What it does and where it goes is entirely dependent on the practitioner.Casting a vaguely positive spell might. Cookie Policy. This website uses cookies. If you do not wish us to set cookies on your device, please do not use the website. Please read the Square Enix cookies policy for more information. 14/02/2009 · If you truly believe that you and this person are supposed to be together, it would be much wiser to create a spell that welcomes love into your life in general and removes negativity that might prevent it from happening. I don't know what a lodestone needs to be fed, in my experience, as long as stones are cleansed, they work naturally.

The beans were a gift from my student Dr. Love Bug. We have High John and Dixie John, Devils Shoestring, Lucky Hand root and a large chuck of Pyrite. The combination of all these things make a powerful plate. Once a week I feed my lodestone with magnetic sand, I also give the lodestone a drink of my personal oil I made for myself.

Free easy love spells can help you out in the romance department. Whether you are looking to find new love, or bring back an old one, there is going to be the perfect spell for you. Spiritual goods should be made by spiritual people, which is why we at Wiccan Spells have teamed up with artisans who put love, care, and most importantly - magick - into their work. Whether you're looking for altar tools, spell supplies, divination tools, jewelry or books, we have you covered!

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